Jennifer’s March Pledge: Movement

March 2018 Focus Area: Movement

Out for a family walk in the snow

Background Information:

I wasn’t too sure where to begin with this post. Everyone knows that a regular exercise routine has so many benefits, and yet so many of us struggle to make this a reality. I am one of those people who, for various reasons, have let the amount of physical activity I do dwindle over the past few years. And the reasons are valid and important to acknowledge: pregnancy, followed by baby-induced sleep deprivation, followed by toddler-induced exhaustion, followed by baby number 2, and topped off with a sedentary office job…But though these reasons are valid, I don’t want to have them be a permanent barrier to change. I need to find ways to overcome these challenges that will fit into my current lifestyle. Therefore, the first part of this month’s pledge is to examine these barriers, and come up with solutions. By addressing the barriers, I’m hoping to increase the amount of exercise I’m doing by month’s end.


For me, this month consists of a few mini-pledges. The ultimate goal for me is to remove some of the barriers so that I can increase the amount of physical activity I’m doing each day by the end of the month.

I’ve gone over these several times in my head, but there is something to be said for getting things out on ‘paper’ (or on computer screen as it were…), so here we go: my challenges, and the pledges I am making this month to overcome them!

  1. My workout clothes don’t fit right or are worn out
    • I pledge to go through my drawer of workout clothes, donate items that do not fit, recycle worn out items, and confirm where the gaps in my workout wardrobe are
    • Once I’ve confirmed what I need, then I will shop for the items that I need. My workouts typically consist of yoga and running, so I’ll need the right clothing for these two different types of activities.
  2. I don’t have enough time, and the time that I do have I want to spend with family and friends
    • There are many opportunities to multitask, and get quality time with family and friends at the same time as some feel-good physical activities. I can do yoga with my kids, schedule a walk with friends, get my son in the stroller for a jog, and go hiking with the whole family.
    • I’m considering scheduling in a workout, but I think unless I sign up for a paid class, I will be tempted to skip the workout because there is ALWAYS something that needs doing around the house…and chores always seem more attractive when compared against a workout 😉 Therefore, I pledge to look into what exercise classes are offered near me, and if I find one I like, I’m signing up!
  3. I would rather ‘veg’ out on the couch
    • Sometimes Often, I find myself plunking down on the couch more out of habit than necessity. And, to be fair, sometimes it’s been a tough day and watching a couple of episodes of TV or scrolling through social media posts is just the type of easy, mindless entertainment I need. But other times I default to ‘veg’ out mode, and don’t feel good about it afterwards. A couple of years ago, I got into the habit of checking in with myself: “Is this what I really need right now, or would another activity make me happier?” So, I’m bringing this habit back again this month. I pledge to mindfully veg out 🙂
  4. It is cold outside!
    • This one I can’t do too much about! We live in a city that experiences four distinct seasons, and that means that for at least a quarter of the year it is going to be cold outside. About the only way I can get around this is to make sure I have the proper gear (see #1 above).
    • There are also ways that I can work out indoors. I’ve found a couple of good YouTube channels with yoga classes. Perhaps it is time I expand my search to more high-intensity workouts as well. I pledge to find at least one new YouTube channel with higher intensity workouts, and subscribe to the channel.

Measure of Success:

My measure of success will be increasing the amount of physical activity I’m doing by removing the barriers listed above.

Currently I go for an approximately 20 to 30 minute walk (almost) every day, and on average seem to be clocking about 4,500 steps. By the end of March, I’d like to:

  • add one to two high-intensity workouts per week
  • add one yoga session per week
  • increase my average step goal to 7,500 steps per day


I would love to hear from you on any resources you recommend to help me remove these barriers. Specifically:

  • YouTube exercise channels? I love doing Cosmic Kids Yoga classes with my daughter, but I’m on the lookout for something more high intensity, and bonus points if it is a fun workout.
  • Favourite places to buy exercise clothes? (would specifically love recommendations of places or brands that cater to the curvy ladies!)
  • Recommended exercise classes? I live in a fairly big city, so if there is a fun new exercise class, or just a really good class I should try, let me know and I’ll likely be able to find one nearby.


3 Replies to “Jennifer’s March Pledge: Movement”

  1. I have a suggestion for a fun, indoor, workout that will get your heart rate going… hula-hooping! ⭕️😃 You can try with my big, heavy, beginner hoop when you’re here this week. 🌀💞✨


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