Sarah’s Mid March Update: Movement

My girl Dottie providing some extra therapeutic benefit to a restorative yoga session

Alternate title: Downward Facing Dog Hair

(because that’s what I saw a lot of every time I was down on my mat 😂)

This month has certainly not gone quite as expected. The routine I had established in January and February of starting each day with 5 minutes of yoga has been thrown off kilter by changes to my usual routine (of not having anything to do first thing in the morning). The first week of the month my routine was different because my sister and nephew were visiting and I went to see them most days. The second week brought a nasty cold that really knocked me out and left me scrambling to prepare for the third week, a trip to Mexico.

However, for this update, I will be focussing on how my pledges went for the first half of the month (i.e., up until I left for Mexico on the 17th). For a quick recap, my pledges were:

  1. I pledge to do the following, recommended, stretches each day:
    • Pidgeon
    • Squat
    • Spinal twist
    • Doorframe chest opener
  2. I pledge to meet or exceed my 30-minute exercise goal for 27 (or more) days this month and to get there,
    • I pledge to increase my daily yoga practice to at least 30 minutes of yoga a day during the week and at least 5 minutes a day on the weekends

Now I will go over my “measures of success” to review how each has gone:

Continue to start each day with at least 5 minutes of yoga/stretching:

While I have done at least 5 minutes of yoga/stretching most days, due to the changes in my schedule this month, I haven’t been doing them first thing in the morning. I suppose the important thing is that I am doing them most of the time (13/16 days), however, I would like to get back to the habit of starting my day with yoga/stretching. Primarily, because it means I don’t have to worry about fitting it in later (or missing it altogether) but also because it is a wonderful way to start the day.

Incorporate the recommended stretches into my daily yoga/stretching routine:

Confession: I actually did the recommended stretches as my bare-minimum yoga workout each day that I tracked a yoga workout, so my success with this is exactly the same as above, 13 out of 16 days (or 81%).

Linking these two activities (yoga + recommended stretches) did have the effect that I was hoping for in that, if I was doing yoga, it was easy enough to incorporate the recommended stretches into my existing practice. The somewhat negative consequence was that if I was short on time, all I did was a flow that consisted of the recommended stretches which did not really help to expand upon my overall yoga practice (which was another goal for this month, see below).

Expand on my current yoga practice so that I am doing at least 30 minutes a day on weekdays by the end of the month:

In all honesty, this pledge has not been as successful as I would have liked. Perhaps I did not set it up properly (or and I should have been more specific by gradually increasing it each week (e.g., Week 1: 5 minutes per day; Week 2: 10 min/day; Week 3: 20 min/day; Week 4: 30 min/day)? Yes, in retrospect, that looks like a much better plan. 😂 Good old hindsight.

From March 1st-16th my yoga workouts ranged in length from 0-36 minutes, the average being 13 minutes. Considering my daily yoga workouts last month were 7 minutes long on average (not including my weekly 75-minute class or the yoga conference I attended), I suppose this should still be considered an improvement, as my yoga workouts have nearly doubled in length this month.

Do 30 minutes or more of exercise (either yoga and/or other movement/exercise) at least 27 days this month:

So far I am on track to meet this goal. As of the 16th, I had met the 30-minute exercise goal on my Apple Watch 14 times. However, this means (meant, since I’m writing this on the 27th) that I can only miss 2 more days this month to make my goal! 😬

Since, as I mentioned above, my yoga workouts are not averaging 30 minutes in length, this means that most of these exercise minutes have come from brisk walking.

Notice improvements in my sticky areas:

With all the mid-month chaos (cold-recovery + packing/prepping for vacation), I didn’t get around to doing a mid-month check in with my body to see how the sticky parts are feeling. Since I am writing this post at the end of the month, I will have to save this update for the month end report … which I had better start writing soon!


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