Sarah’s Mid-April Update: Around the Home


I figured I should share this quick little mid-month update for April, since it will be over before we know it!

As of April 13th, my pledge is on track, however, that’s not too difficult since there was nothing too pressing to accomplish for the first ten days of the month (other than the important task of visiting with my sister and her family ❤️).


Taking notes from New Order


As pledged, I re-read New Order by Fay Wolf. I highlighted parts that really resonated with me and my current decluttering needs. Then I took those highlights, and any other notes I made or ideas I had, to create some notes in my bullet journal so that I could keep them on hand for reference while decluttering.

So far I have tackled the master bedroom. I started with our bedroom because I find there is great pleasure in having a tidy and calm room to retire to at the end of the day. Plus, waking up to a nice clean room will be an inspiring way to start the other days I’ve scheduled to do spring cleaning.

Although I pledged to work from 8 am to 5 pm (with 5 or 15-minute breaks every 25 minutes), I ended up working until around 6 pm! I also mentioned in my pledge that I started with easier areas to give myself a feeling of success early on. This has definitely been the case with the bedroom, as I’m excited to get other parts of the house in tip-top shape too.


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