Though we lead quite different lives, separated by three and a half years in age and a couple of mountain ranges between our current homes, my sister and I are a lot alike. So similar, in fact, that we have been known to say the same thing in conversations at the same time and even have the same thoughts at the same time. How do I know that we occasionally have the same ideas? Well, this blog began after we were both sharing our ideas around setting different focus areas for the year ahead and determining the best way to keep ourselves on track to accomplishing our goals. To our surprise and delight, we realized that we had both not only been toying with the idea of blogging, but we also had many similar areas that we wanted to focus on for the year ahead.

The focus areas that we came up with are:

  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Digital
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Fuel
  • Fun
  • Home
  • Mindfulness and/or Spirituality
  • Movement
  • Work

We decided it would be fun to pick a different focus area every month and each of us will make a pledge to try a new, good, habit in that area during that month. If our pledges are quite different, we may challenge ourselves by trying the other sisters’ pledge for the last week of the month. At the end of the month, we will reconvene and discuss how it went. Each of us will publish a post by the third day of the following month.

We would be thrilled if you would like to find your sister (blood sister or sister by choice 😉) and challenge her to try our pledges with us. We will publish a kick-off post one week prior the first of the month, to let you know what our pledges will be for the upcoming month and give you time to get ready.

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