About Jennifer

20171105_130308I currently live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband, our two small children, and our one fur child (Wally dog). In addition to keeping two little people happy, fed, and relatively clean, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, experimenting in the kitchen, bird watching and the occasional karaoke session.  

Before I get into the details of our blog, I need to go back a few years to explain how I have become mildly obsessed with self-improvement.

In mid-2014, my life became infinitely more full and joyous with the birth of my first child, a girl. As any new parent knows, the arrival of the first child can knock the wind out of you for awhile. Life is forever changed, and though there are many amazing moments, there are also many moments that are challenging (e.g., 2 am wake-ups), and some moments that are downright demoralizing (e.g., 2 am wake-ups, followed by 3 am wake-ups, followed by 4 am wake-ups…). It was at this time that my dad’s health took a turn for the worst, and, when my daughter was 6 months old, he passed away from cancer. He was 65.

There is nothing like the death of a close loved one to make you realize the truth in the cliche that ‘life is precious’. And, for myself, bringing my daughter into this world and watching how quickly she was growing and learning new things crystallized the cliche ‘life is precious’ even further. I didn’t want to waste a moment! I threw myself into new projects, volunteer jobs and tried to change a few bad habits. I had some success, but also realized that I was perhaps trying to cram a bit too much into my life at the moment, and that I could only focus on so many areas for improvement at one time. After this realization, I started to take a more measured approach to pursuing my goals and filling my life with the things that I love most, but even then I was struggling to keep some of the most important things in my life in focus.

Which brings me back to current day, and a recent conversation that I had with my sister where I realized that we were essentially pursuing many of the same types of goals. So, why not up the fun factor, and the likelihood of achieving our goals, by holding each other accountable through a friendly competition. And so, our Self Improvement Sisters blog was born!

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